California Wildfire Insurance

If you are a California resident or looking to purchase a home in California in a wild fire zone you may find it extremely difficult to obtain homeowners insurance. Many california residents have been left wondering how to make sure their home is properly protected from a wildfire.


Don Williams & Associates has partnered with a handful of insurance companies to make sure you can still find insurance for your home without having to compromise coverage.

Many Companies to Choose From

We have access to a wide variety of homeowners insurance carriers

Primary Residences

Robust coverage to protect your most valuable asset

Secondary Residences

Protection for secondary homes

Risk Mitigation

We will provide you with tools to lower your total cost of risk. 

Fair Plan +DIC

We have access to the Fair plan and can match that with a DIC(difference in Conditions) to provide you with a comprehensive package. 


We write a large volume of high brush policies in California

I have been working with Tyler and his team for anything and everything for years. They always come through, even if it's a challenging case - like homeowner's insurance for a home in the national forest. I rely on Don Williams & Associates for all my insurance needs, and they have never let me down. -Stacey Hames

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