Who Has The Best Home Insurance Rates in Sacramento, CA?

Looking for homeowners insurance in Sacramento, Ca usually means looking for the best combination of coverage and price. Whether you live in the north, east, west, or south part of Sacramento, you deserve the most competitive rate possible.

New Homes vs Old Homes

Brand new homes almost always have the lowest prices for homeowners insurance across the Sacramento market. This is because newer homes have a much lower probability of having a claim. Having new plumbing, electrical, roof, hvac, etc. are all features that insurance companies favor.

Although California fires are still a concern, insurance companies much rather insure a newly built home compared vs an older property.


Home Insurance Sacramento Ca- Best Insurance Companies

Safeco Insurance

Who is a good fit for Safeco?

Safeco is everything a Sacramento homeowner looks for in a homeowners insurance provider. Great rates, great customer services, and all the coverages and endorsements needed to to ensure your home is property protected.

Safeco also offers really affordable pricing for high value homes, rental properties, and any jewelry or fine art you may need specifically insured on your homeowners policy.

Safeco is one of the few carriers that will insure your secondary home, without requiring to insure your primary home. Always best to keep the two properties with the same carrier though.

They are also one of the few carriers that offers the option to pay on a monthly recurring credit card, with no additional fees.

Who is not a good fit for Safeco?

If you live in an area of Sacramento that is considered to be in a high wildfire risk, Safeco is not going to be an option for you. Also, if you had a claim in the past your rates may be higher with Safeco.



Nationwide Insurance

Who is a good fit with Nationwide?

Depending on your homes location Nationwide can be much more accepting than other carriers in regards insuring properties located in high wildfire risk areas. Nationwide also offers a large multi policy discount for packing your auto insurance with your home.

If you are purchasing a new home they offer a new home purchase discount, a claims free discount,  as well as an age of construction discount for homes that were built relatively recently.


Who is not a good fit for Nationwide?

If you have a very high value home in Sacramento and your dwelling coverage exceeds $1.5M you currently would not be eligible for a policy with Nationwide. They do have a separate Nationwide Private client division that we have access to that can attend these clients needs.



Who is a good fit for Mercury?

Mercury has extremely competitive auto insurance rates, so if you want to insure your home with Mercury we always recommend packaging your auto insurance with them as well. Like Nationwide they also offer discounts for new homes, customers who are loss free, and for having a monitored fire or burglar alarm.


Who is not a good fit for Mercury?

If your Sacramento property has a fireline score above 4 it is almost always going to be ineligible with Mercury, but we can always double check on that for you.  They also are not as competitive for clients who have had multiple losses in the past 3 years.


Who is a good fit for Travelers?

Travelers has very good rates for high value homes in Sacramento and offer a discount for newly purchased homes and newly built homes. Like Safeco, they will also insure your secondary residence without having to insure your primary home.

They also offer a large multi policy discount that you will want to take advantage of, as well as a loss free discount. They also offer a DIC(difference in conditions) endorsement if your home has to be placed with the California Fair Plan.

Who is not a good fit with Travelers?

If you are only interested in insuring your home and nothing else, they are probably not the best fit for you. They give greater discounts for bundling all of your policies together.


At Don Williams and Associates we have been helping homeowners in the Sacramento and all of California protect their properties for almost 60 years. An independent agent gives you access to a wide range of companies, different product types, claims assistance, can make the process of switching from one carrier to another extremely easy, while also supporting a local business.


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