Does California Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Does California Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

A common question we get all the time is “does California homeowners insurance cover water damage”? For California homeowners, one of the most common insurance claims is water damage. Some of the common culprits include leaky appliances, burst pipes, HVAC issues, water heater failure, etc. The average cost of a water damage claim is $9,633 and on averages takes up to 4 days to mitigate and dry out a home.

Most of the time water damage is going to be covered under your homeowners insurance. It is important to understand what types of water losses are not going to be covered by your homeowners insurance.

Types of Water Losses That Are Not Covered By Homeowners Insurance

  • Water damage that is caused directly by a flood from outside your home would require a flood insurance policy.
  • Water backup from an outside sewer or drain. You have the ability to purchase this endorsement, but if not purchased any water that backs into your home through an outside sewer or drain would not be covered.
  • Gradual water damage. The standard California homeowners policy provides coverage for”the sudden and accidental discharge of water or steam”. Sudden is the keyword here. Gradual water damage, like a water pipe leaking over a long period of time, is usually not covered by insurance. This is because it was not “sudden or accidental”. It was a long-term problem that went undetected.

What Water Losses Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Water damage that is determined to be sudden and came from within the home is going to be covered. Your homeowners policy will provide coverage for the actual building in the event of a water claim and any personal property that is damaged. Also, if you need to stay elsewhere while your home is being repaired your loss of use coverage will cover any additional living expenses like a hotel.

The most common water loss for California homeowners would be a burst pipe. The ensuing water damage is absolutely covered by your home insurance but the damage to the pipe itself would need to be paid for out of pocket.


Purchase Additional Coverage For Water Damage

  • Flood Insurance: You can purchase flood insurance directly with an independent agent. A good agent will check with a private flood insurance company and through the National Flood Insurance Program for you.
  • Water backup coverage: This is a common endorsement that can be added to provide coverage for water that backs up from sewage or sump pump backups.

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